Forty Days To Armageddon II Watchdogg And The Ghost Army Kindle Edition

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James E. Rhyne“… a real page turner, with a Tom Clancy style, leaving out all the technical details, using multiple plots all leading to the climax. Mr. Jay has the unique story telling ability like great writers such as John Grisham, David Baldacci, Clive Cussler, Joel Rosenberg and Raymond Khoury, just to name a few, that literally keeps you on the edge of your seat, turning page after page waiting for the climax. FIVE STARS.…”Craig A. Miller“ …One cannot have enough accolades for this book torn from today’s headlines.Plan to discover Watchdogg AKA, Houston Robinson who mesmerizes all those around him. “This was the man who influenced world leaders like no other and hop scotched the globe extinguishing political fires with his every breath. For readers, we will find that he lives up to his reputation by the time you have read the last page.” Michele Benner“As a huge fan of political thrillers, I’d put Jay’s novel in the ranks with anything by David Baldacci, Robert Ludlum, or Allan Folsom. Houston Robinson, aka Watchdogg, would make a spectacular movie character, and President Landenberger is tangibly human in this novel…”Anita Hodgkins“…action-packed eye-opening book.”Sgt. James Lestock “…In that the first book sets a high standard for storytelling, readers will wonder if the second book will live up to expectations. I can assure everyone that indeed it does for this reader and the promises of double crosses and engaging political intrigue abound on every page…. Most of all, Watchdogg and Carol Turner will continue to capture the reader’s heart as they did in book one and when all is said and done, Watchdogg could very well be considered to be one of the most engaging fiction characters ever in political fiction. FIVE STARS is certainly well deserved from this satisfied reader.~*~Will a half billion die? The excitement continues the story from the first Watchdogg tale. Thirty-three days have expired and in the last seven days, the stakes reach a fever pitch. In book one; Iran is devastated by an oil spill of unimaginable proportions. This was brought about in a bold high seas mission by a Somali pirate, Admiral Mahdi, who was given stealth military hardware by the Russians. His actions create a massive ecological disaster that leaves Iran devastated. He and his B-Wasy Somali Marines are given refuge in Venezuela where he intends to live out his life peaceably as the son of a fisherman. A ruthless cyber criminal, Chris LE Blanc is sent to Jerusalem where he is directed to assist the Israelis in bringing the Iranian centrifuges to a grinding halt. Watchdogg, the right-hand man to the POTUS, works with the Russians and brings the two nations together hopefully in a new world of mutual friendship. The story continues: Iran is declared unsuitable for habitation and the citizens are dying for lack of food and substance. The Supreme Leader of Iran is now desperate to find new lands for his citizens and decides that Israel and the USA are his only course for settling in new lands. He trades with the DPRK for several atomic warheads with the hope that he can destroy the armies that hold the border and keep his people trapped inside Iran. All of this is followed by espionage, dirty deals, and double crosses that need the attention of Watchdogg. If the USA is to survive, he must overcome all that is thrust upon him and try to save the USA from foreign intrusion. He must make new alliances and cast aside everything he has ever learned as the rulebook is thrown out the window. And we will see the infamous Somali pirate, Admiral Mahdi step up to the plate when the destruction of the USA is at stake. As the tale continues we can see he may very well be the most important man in the history. It is a world turned upside down overnight.Be prepared for a story that will leave you breathless and wishing for more Watchdogg tales.

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